Police, Fire & Ambulance

Tripoli Police Department
Serving the citizens of Tripoli


Chief of Police - Daniel Banks
303 S. Main St. PO Box 587
Tripoli IA, 50676

 319-882-3400 (office)
Emergency Call - 911!

319-352-5400 (Non-Emergency 24-hour)

Police Equipment

  • Police Bike- Tripoli PD purchased a police bike to allow better interaction with community while still offering effective patrol.
  • Taser- Tripoli PD is trained in and carries an X26 Taser. This is effective inkeeping officers and citizens safer, by minimizing injuries.
  • AR-15 Patrol Rifle- The rifle was purchased to allow rapid response to active shooter situations.
  • Chemical Detection-The First Defender was received on a grant. It allows rapididentification of thousands of chemicals, pills and powders. Within a few minutes it can identify narcotics, prescription drugs, and liquids.
  • AED- Tripoli PD is certified in CPR and the use of AED. An AED can save valuable time in a cardiac situation.
  • FreedomView - LED Fiberscope provides superior image resolution for inspecting concealed areas. The scope is completly immersible in water, gasoline and diesel.

Tripoli Fire Department

101 2nd St. SE
Tripoli, IA  50676

Emergency Call - 911

Fire Chief - Dan Burgart
1st Assistant - Brian Milius
2nd Assistant - Jordan Shonka
Training Officer - Kevin Buhrow
Assistant Training Officer - Tyler Shonka
Secretary - Jason Biermann
Chaplin - Chris Johnson

Tripoli Ambulance

101 2nd St. SE
Tripoli, IA 50676

Emergency Call - 911

Tripoli EMS Crew

Crew Chief - Kip Ladage
Assistant Crew Chief - Steve Hill
Secretary - Madeleine Ambrose
Training Officer - Randy Pfile

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