City Council Agenda

Agenda for City Council meeting on August 20, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall


Roll Call

Approve agenda

Public comments

Consent Agenda

            Minutes from August 6, 2018

            Claims - $224,100.06

            Treasurer’s report – July

Request to use city property for tractor pull – action

Request to move liquor license for Langers Pub and Grub for tractor pull – action

Monthly police report - action

Monthly street, water and sewer report – action

                  Replace grinders at lagoon – action

Dave Gilson – revocation of UTV permit - action

Kip Ladage – ambulance vehicle update - discussion

Linda Nilges request to attend Iowa League of Cities conference - action

Floyd Fowlkes – connections to city sewer - discussion

Ordinance 3-2018 – Amending Time of Transfer Inspections Chapter 92.11 – 2ndreading

Ordinance 4-2018 – Amending Time of Transfer Inspections Chapter 96.09 – 2ndreading

Ordinance 5-2018 – Amending Provisions pertaining to Alcoholic Beverage Control – 2nd  Reading

Ordinance 6-2018 – Amending Provisions pertaining to Cigarette & Tobacco Permits – 2ndreading

Ordinance 7-2018 – Amending Provisions pertaining to Traffic Regulations – 2ndreading

Snow removal - discussion



Final agenda posted Friday, August 17, 2018 at City Hall


We ask that you refrain from cell phone use during meetings.  Please step into the hallway if you must use your phone. 

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