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East Bremer Regional Recycling Authority

East Bremer Regional Recycling Authority

The East Bremer Regional Recycling Authority opened Oct. 1, 2009.  A year later, the Iowa Recycling Association honored the agency by declaring them the winner of the 2010 Best Government Recycling Program!

 For your convenience, the City has recycling containers located at 102 1st Street N.E. (white building). These bins are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are now 8 divided areas for you to drop off recyclables.  They are divided up as follows:

Milk Jugs Only

There will be a separate slot for milk jugs.  All milk jugs must be rinsed and have the lids removed.

All Other Plastics

A separate container beside the recycling building will be used for all other plastics. This container should be used for #1 clear, #2 colored, #3, #4, #5 and #7 plastic. All of these containers must be cleaned and have the lids removed. Most lids are not recyclable, so please dispose of them in your home trash.

Unsorted Office Paper

The unsorted office paper bin may have white and colored paper put in it, along with envelopes. 


Separate slots for magazines and newspapers will be provided.  The flyers and coupon sheets that are included in the newspaper should be put in the newspaper bin.


Separate slots for magazines and newspapers will be provided.

Tin Cans

We ask that all cans be rinsed and the lids and labels removed.


Chipboard is a single layer material that will not crush if stepped on (examples are cereal boxes, pop and beer cartons, cracker boxes, tissue boxes, chipboard egg cartons, etc.).  Just like with the cardboard, please break down and flatten the boxes so that more can fit into the container.


Dumpsters outside the building will remain for corrugated cardboard (this is a “sandwich-like” material that will crush if stepped on). We ask that you break down and flatten the cardboard boxes so more items can fit into the container. The slots in the building will be for the remaining recyclable materials.

NOTE:  The Recycling Center will no longer accept glass containers or grocery bags (paper or plastic).  We also cannot accept Styrofoam (including Styrofoam egg cartons), salt bags, feed/seed bags, wax cartons, shrink wrap, five gallon plastic pails, gift wrapping paper, shredded paper, oil containers, batteries of any kind and fluorescent or incandescent tubes/bulbs.

If you have any questions regarding recycling, please contact City Hall at 882-4801 or talk to one of the city employees.

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