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City of Tripoli Agenda

Council meeting on June 1, 2020 7:00 pm 


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               Meeting ID: 864 7280 6852

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Consent Agenda                     Approve minutes from Council Meetings May 18, 2020

                                               Treasurer’s Report 05.2020

                                               Claims Report 05.2020           $347,194.11

Public Hearing:                       Budget Adjustments FY 19-20

Approve:                                 Resolution 20-9 Approval of FY 19-20 Budget Amendments

Discuss / Approve:                 Tripoli Days / Fireworks

Discuss / Approve:                  Ordinance 20-1 Adding Chapter 59 Urban Chickens Into the Code of Ordinances

                                                            1st reading with possible waiving of 2nd and 3rd reading

Discuss/ Approve:                   Resolution 20-8 Easement Acquisition from Dean and Kelly Buls

Discuss / Approve:                  Resolution 20-9 Easement Acquisition from Garnetta A. Snyder Revocable Trust

Discuss / Approve:                  Delinquent accounts                                                              

Discuss / Approve:                  Gas Tanks for City Vehicle Use

Discuss / Approve:                  Seal Coating for summer ’20

Discuss / Approve:                  City Hall Office Hours

Discuss/Approve:                    Mosquito Spraying                                         

Discuss / Approve:                  Police Report                                    



Final agenda posted Friday, May 29, 2020 at City Hall and online @ www.tripoliiowa.com