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City Council Minutes

May 18, 2020

The Tripoli City Council held regular council meeting on Monday, May 18th at 7:00 p.m. at the Tripoli City Hall with Mayor Bernard presiding Amber Erion with Tripoli Leader and Dan Kalkbrenner were present; Kevin Meyer, Colton Gaede and Kesler Schulmeister attended via Zoom.

Mayor Bernard called the meeting to order with roll call.  Carlson, Eschweiler, Ladage, Shonka and Nilges present via Zoom.

Motion Carlson second Ladage to approve agenda.  AA MC.

Mayor Bernard asked for any public comments regarding items not on the agenda. 

Mayor Bernard thanked Scott Pratt and Dan Kalkbrenner for re-roofing the bathroom at Chapin Park.

Mayor Bernard thanked Scott Pratt, Dan Kalkbrenner, Kenny Hennings, Ron Lenth, Dave Kuethe, Ron Orf, Gregg Eschweiler, Jerry Snelling, Tyler Shonka and Kesler Schulmeister for assistance in planting trees at North Park and by the Tripoli Swimming Pool.

Mayor Bernard commented Shannon Brewer of Tripoli-Readlyn Sanitation advised there are people not putting their garbage in bags just dumping into cans.  If garbage is not placed in bags inside the cans it will not be picked up.

The Memorial Day celebration will not be held in City Hall this year; it will be at North Park by Veterans Memorial only; weather permitting.

The June 2nd primary will be held in City Hall; Kalkbrenner will have training on Friday May 27th

Discussion on opening City Hall to public; partially dependent on Governor Reynolds recommendations.  Kalkbrenner will explore getting plastic shield.  Would request only 1 person in office at a time and require a mask.  Hand sanitizer would be available.

Carlson commented Paula Carlson pool manager had contacted Black Hawk County Health about doing life guard training during closure and were told could not proceed until pools are open which could possibly be June 1st.

Motion Nilges second Eschweiler to approve consent agenda; AA MC.

               Approve minutes from Council Meeting May 4, 2020

Kevin Meyer addressed council about a high water billing for the Nursing Home managed apartments on 5th Street; Schulmeister contacted Darin Redies when leak was identified; the billing was about 3 times higher.  The Nursing Home has not been able to enter 1 of the apartments in the building to address.  Motion Eschweiler second Ladage to table until more information is available and requested Kevin Meyer re-address at that time.  AA MC.

Motion Eschweiler second Nilges to deny the request for Housing Incentive for Jayme Butikofer at 503 2nd Ave SW; house purchased through NEICAC and the city of Tripoli donated the lot for the house.  This follows precedence for other houses in the program.  AA MC

Tripoli Days Celebration was discussed.  Fireworks order has been placed.  Several area cities have canceled activities but most are earlier than Tripoli.  Dan Kalkbrenner noted Wapsi Sportsmen has not determined what they are doing with the annual fish fry; they hope to have a meeting next week to discuss.  Motion Nilges Second Eschweiler to table until next meeting.  AA MC

Discussion continued on allowing chickens in Tripoli; Ladage talked with Waverly City Hall and they currently have 10 active permits; Gaede talked with law enforcement and at this time they have no issues;  there a few problem in the beginning but have since been resolved.  Ladage offered to assist with any inspections of structures in the beginning if needed.  Mayor Bernard is not in favor of moving forward.  Motion Ladage second Shonka to move forward with getting ordinance written for limit of 10 permits and 1 year trial using Waverly ordinance guidelines.  Ayes:  Ladage, Shonka, Carlson, Eschweiler; Nays:  Nilges   MC.   

Council discussed delinquent accounts; has increased to 27; majority again repeat offenders.  Once proclamation is lifted by Governor Council would like to see payments of a minimum of current month billing and portion of past due.  This will all be finalized when proclamation is lifted.  Motion Nilges second Ladage to table until next meeting and review again.  AA MC.

Motion Nilges second Carlson to proceed with gutter repair on South Side of fire station. Repairs needed due to ice damage; will not be turned into insurance.  North and south side of fire station will have snow guards installed. Estimate by Lifetime Roofing $2570.  AA MC

Motion Eschweiler second Nilges to approve the proposed budget amendments for FY19-20; public hearing will be June 1st @ 7:00 PM during regular scheduled council meeting.  AA MC.

Motion Ladage second Shonka to continue with Keith Oltrogge, CPA for annual audit.  AA MC.

Discussion on dogs abandoned within city limits; this would be hard to monitor / enforce.  No new ordinance needed would fall under current Nuisances and Animal Control Code 55.04 with penalty under Municipal Infractions Code 3.03.

Discussion on notifying the city when properties have sewer backups; this is something that would be hard to enforce and monitor.  Local plumbers know to contact Public Works but outside contractors do not.  Notification to Public Works allows other residents in the area to be notified.  Nilges had experience this year with sewer back up in her home while absent and if notification would have been done when 1st issue happened may have avoided some damages. Will continue to publish notices about not flushing wipes or any foreign objects in Tripoli Leader and on Tripoli Talk and Kalkbrenner will put notice on utility bills as reminder.

Motion Ladage second Nilges to table seal coating for summer ’20; Schulmeister did not get information from vendor in time for meeting.  AA MC.

Motion Eschweiler second Carlson to approve Street, Water and Sewer report;  Schulmeister advised hydrants have been flushed; parks have been sprayed and mowing has started;  street sweeping has started;  some concrete repair completed;  has updated recycling center to be able to handle can and bottle recycling for fireworks fund. AA MC.

Motion Eschweiler second Nilges to adjourn. AA MC.

Brendt Bernard – Mayor

Ellen Kalkbrenner – City Clerk/Treasurer

Next council meeting Monday June 1, 2020; electronic method will be used as needed based on guidelines from Governor Reynolds.

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