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City Council Minutes

June 15, 2020

The Tripoli City Council held a regular council meeting on Monday, June 15th at 7:00 p.m. at the Tripoli City Hall with Mayor Bernard presiding Amanda Moenk (Tripoli Leader) present, Dan Kalkbrenner in late; Colton Gaede and Kesler Schulmeister via Zoom.

Mayor Bernard called the meeting to order with roll call.  Eschweiler, Ladage, Shonka, Carlson and Nilges present via Zoom.

Motion Eschweiler second Nilges to approve agenda.  AA MC.

Public Comments:

Local Option Sales Tax no adjustments will be made to distributions until FY 20-21; expect minimum of 25%          

Road Use Tax adjustments expected at same rate will take effect on FY 19-20 budget as well as FY 20-21

              Eschweiler commented on good job on bike trail by Kenny Hennings, Schulmeister and Shonka.

Carlson advised the opera house did not get the grant for the main street project; they are encouraged to apply again and received good feedback on the proposal submitted.  Carlson would like to see some support for the grant writing with maybe an outside source or someone working for the city that specials in these type of tasks.

Dan Kalkbrenner confirmed the Wapsi Sportsmen 73rd Annual Fish Fry for this year has been canceled.

Ladage confirmed the Tripoli Days Committee is continuing to look at an abbreviated celebration and will keep the council posted.

Motion Nilges second Eschweiler to approve consent agenda.

Approve minutes from Council Meeting June 1, 2020

Approve minutes from special Council Meeting June 8, 2020

Discussion on section f. of the City of Tripoli employee handbook;  Chief Gaede presented request on extending or eliminating 2 mile radius for the police position.  The fire department has approved some members outside the 2 mile radius on a case by case basis due to keeping number of volunteer fireman on the roster.  Eschweiler motioned to table until next meeting July 6th when the council meets in person Carlson seconded the motion.  AA MC.

A current list of delinquent accounts was presented; Kalkbrenner confirmed letters had been sent to each account with deadline of June 18th to set up a payment plan.  If no response is received the accounts will be posted and disconnected.  Any account that has made payment arrangements and abides by the agreement will not be charged late fees.

Motion Eschweiler second Ladage to approve and waive 3rd reading of Ordinance 20-1 Chapter 59 Urban Chickens. 

Roll call vote:  Ayes:  Nilges, Ladage, Shonka, Eschweiler, Carlson               Nays:  None  AA MC

Mayor Bernard vetoed the ordinance; he will submit in writing his reasoning to each council member and this will be presented again to the council for another vote.

Council discussed the opening of the Welcome Center and City Hall; need to review required cleaning and determine if an additional sanitization fee will be added.  Will review at next meeting.

Motion Ladage second Nilges to approve Street, Water and Sewer report presented by Schulmeister.  AA MC.

Motion Eschweiler second Ladage to adjourn.  AA MC. 

Brendt Bernard – Mayor

Ellen Kalkbrenner – City Clerk/Treasurer

Special Council Meeting for Budget approval on Monday, June 22nd @ 6:30 PM via Zoom.

Next regular council meeting Monday July 6th @ 7:00 PM at City Hall.



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