City Council Minutes

January 6, 2020 Work Session

The Tripoli City Council held a work session on Monday, January 6, 2020 @ 6:30 p.m. at the Tripoli City Hall with Mayor Bernard presiding. 

Mayor Bernard called the meeting to order with roll call.  Carlson, Eschweiler, Nilges and Ladage present; Shonka absent.

City of Tripoli business owners and interested parties present:  Ann Harms, Larry Piehl, Jim Hundley, Jay Ranard, Terry Dillin, and Craig Bremner

The mayor and council explained the information for the Community Catalyst Building Remediation Program.  Applications for this grant are by invitation only.  The City of Tripoli has been invited to apply.

Any interested business owners are to submit their proposal no later the January 20th to be reviewed by the mayor and council at the next meeting.  Information is to include a brief description of what you propose, why your building should be chosen, a rough estimated cost.

The initial pre-application for scoring is due January 31st and is a joint effort between the business owner and City of Tripoli.

Meeting adjourned and regular council meeting started at 7:00 PM.


January 6, 2020 Regular Meeting


The Tripoli City Council held a regular council meeting on Monday, January 6th at 7:00 p.m. at the Tripoli City Hall with Mayor Bernard presiding.  Colton Gaede and Amanda Moenk with Tripoli Leader were present.

Mayor Bernard called the meeting to order with roll call.  Carlson, Eschweiler, Shonka, Ladage and Nilges present.

Motion Nilges second Ladage to approve the agenda.  AA MC.

Mayor Bernard asked for any public comments regarding items not on the agenda. 

Heather Prendergast, city attorney advised the council on the options of disposing of the empty lot behind the pool; her recommendation is to have a public hearing and determine next steps when a clear vision for use of property has been determined.

Gregg Eschweiler inquired about past due water / sewer bills; city clerk advised have 2 pending confirmation of next steps with city attorney.   

Gregg Eschweiler inquired about snow removal for 1st snow; Officer Gaede advised no major complications; he was able to get cars off the roads for the plows to complete removal.

Letters will be sent to any home owners who remain in violation of the sump discharge ordinance.

Welcome Center received a donation of $400 from the family of David Bolte.  Purchase has not been confirmed.

Jordan Ladage attended some active shooter training and in reviewing the council room set up changes will be made.


Motion Eschweiler second Carlson to approve consent agenda.  AA MC

Approve minutes from work session and council meeting on December 16, 2019

              Claims – $83,181.85

              Treasurer’s Report December 2019

Mayor Bernard made the following appointments for 2020:  Mayor Pro Tem – Gregg Eschweiler; Police Chief – Colton Gaede; Library – Linda Nilges; Sanitation – Jordan Ladage, Ray Carlson, Gregg Eschweiler; Parks / Recreation – Linda Nilges; Police – Brendt Bernard; EBRRA Board – Brendt Bernard, Jordan Shonka. 

Motion Shonka second Nilges to make the following appointments:  City Clerk/Treasurer –Ellen Kalkbrenner; Board of Adjustment – Kim Kehe; Planning & Zoning – TBD; 911 Board – Primary Mark Goodenbour and Secondary Aaron Goodenbour.  AA MC.

Motion Carlson second Eschweiler to adopt the state mandated Fair Housing Policy. AA MC.

Motion Nilges second Ladage to approve the list of fireman as submitted.  AA MC.

Motion Eschweiler second Ladage to approve the list of ambulance members as submitted.  AA MC.

Motion Shonka second Nilges adopt Resolution 2020-1 – Naming Depositories.  RCV:  Ayes – Nilges, Eschweiler, Shonka, Carlson, Ladage.  Nays – none.  MC.  Resolution is adopted. 

Motion Carlson second Ladage to approve for Kessler Schulmeister to contact T.W. Tub Grinding to remove brush pile; annual expense estimated $1200 - $1500.  AA MC.

Discussion of payment of housing incentive to Robert and Judith Meyers; applied when home purchased.  City Clerk will contact and advise they will be eligible for payment with March 2020 payment of taxes.

Council was presented the yearly examination done by Keith Oltrogge CPA.  City clerk to review repeat items and bring solutions to council for review at a later date. Motion Nilges second Carlson to approve this report.  AA MC.

Motion Eschweiler second Carlson to approve renew of liquor license for Brandenburg-Krueger VFW Post 4013. AA MC.

Motion Eschweiler second Nilges to approve police report.  AA MC.

Council discussed abandoned houses in town.  Reviewed ordinance from City of Oelwein.  At this time do not see as a concern for Tripoli and if identified would take different from sample ordinance at this time.

Motion Carlson second Nilges to adjourn.  AA MC

Work Session Monday, January 20, 2020 at 5:45 PM to applications for Community Catalyst Building Remediation Program and begin FY 20/21 budgets.

Council Meeting Monday, January 20, 2020 @ 7:00 PM.

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